Yofing cosmetics and its influence on the beauty

Beauty standards haven’t changed, and it’s all about having pure, radiant skin without dilated pores and unpleasant flaws in the form of acne. The main emphasis has always been on youth, which the Dead Sea Yofing products have been created to prolong. Preventing the appearance of wrinkles on the face and neck, avoiding flabby skin on the body – all of this can be achieved because those exact problems can be fixed with our cosmetics!
The ingredients contained in creams, oils, masks, and serums have a direct and profound influence on the skin, providing a fast and desirable effect. To understand how they rejuvenate the skin and support its health and beauty, it is necessary to know what the skin is and how it works. Only then you will be able to choose the right cosmetics and use them appropriately.

What does our protective layer consist of?

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and it consists of several layers. It is designed to perform a lot of tasks, which are assigned to the various components of its structure:

  1. The epidermis, which is the outer layer, has direct contact with the environment and all the unfavorable factors in it (wind, dust, sun). The complex structure of the epidermis (which includes five mini-layers: horny, clear, granular, spinous, and basal) allows the skin to endure numerous stresses experienced during the day. The constantly renewed horny layer helps the epidermis to clean up, and the clear layer maintains elasticity. The granular layer forms platelet structures that help the skin maintain the right water balance. The spinous and basal layers are responsible for the formation of new and better quality epidermal cells and regeneration.
  2. The dermis, responsible for the tightness of the skin, consists of the papillary and reticular layers. It is the dermis that includes the fibers of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, which are produced by special cells called fibroblasts.
  3. The subcutaneous tissue, which is a part of the deep layer of the skin, consists of the connective tissues and sebaceous interlayer.

For the natural beauty of the skin and the prevention of changes that occur with age, complex care should influence all the layers.

What tasks are carried out by the skin?

Skin is a multifunctional organ that performs passive and active functions.
The passive functions include: · protecting from external influences;

  • protecting and recovering in the case of skin damage;
  • reacting to the chemical environment due to a slightly acidic pH of up to 6.5;
  • preventing the penetration of microbes and bacteria into the subcutaneous environment thanks to the self-renewal of the epidermis.

The active skin functions are as follows:

  • antibacterial effects and recovery from infections and the influence of microbes due to the presence and activity of microorganisms that destroy pathogenic bacteria and viruses;
  • thermoregulation through perspiration;
  • transmission of information via impulses to the brain through the skin receptors about external conditions and pain;
  • protection of the subcutaneous environment (capillary and vascular system, internal organs).

The skin transports nutrients and retains water in the intercellular space, thus providing an optimal fat and water balance.
The main property of the skin from the point of view of cosmetic care is the absorption of substances.
Thanks to the skin’s absorption ability, the active and effective micro-components that rejuvenate the skin can penetrate inside.

Which layers of the skin can be influenced by cosmetics? Influence on the epidermis

The epidermis is, of course, most susceptible to the effects of cosmetics. The keratinized layer is well-suited to the influence of exfoliators, scrubs, and skin washes (for example, Clear Skin Wash). Regular cleansing is the foundation of health and rejuvenation of deeper layers of the epidermis. Products that enhance the regeneration of the skin affect the clear layer. Moisturizing cosmetics work mainly on the first three layers: horny, clear, and granular. Cosmetic agents that activate the formation of new cells affect the spinous and basal layers.
It should be noted that the water balance in the epidermis can be disturbed with age. To prevent this process, you need cosmetics that help retain moisture. Moreover, a person’s skin is 70% water, and water loss causes dryness, sagging, and wrinkling. The Yofing products with hyaluronic acid, as well as squalane, keratin, and galactoarabinan, are the best to cope with these problems.

Influence on the dermis

Cosmetics that promote collagen and elastin production are the products with liposomes and stem cells (Stem Cell Serum, Stem Cell Cream), and they affect the papillary and reticular layers of the dermis. For a fast and long-lasting effect, however, you should use hardware cosmetology, injections, or a combination of cosmetic products and hardware cosmetology procedures. For example, it’s beneficial to use the combination of Hyaluronic Serum and ultrasound or darsonvalization.

Influence on subcutaneous tissue

As far as we know, fatty deposits are present in the subcutaneous tissue. Therefore, this deep layer of the skin can be affected by fat burners, such as Muscles Oil.
Competent cosmetic care, rejuvenation, nutrition, and skin restoration are possible only if the right products are selected. In this matter, it is important to determine the type of skin and choose products that are designed for this type. The most effective products are those chosen according to age category. Yofing has developed an anti-aging line of cosmetic products – rejuvenating, moisturizing, and nutritional series – which were created using innovative technologies and give very noticeable results.
Additionally, when choosing cosmetic products, it is necessary to pay attention to natural options containing minerals of the Dead Sea, squalene, herbal extracts, essential oils, and vitamin complexes. We will take a look at this aspect of skin care in the next article.

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