Why are natural Yofing cosmetics better than synthetic?

Despite all the achievements of civilization, humans are still a part of nature. It is only natural for unprocessed substances to be better accepted by our body than synthetic.
We want to preserve ourselves – our health, beauty, and youthfulness – for longer. With this aim, women go for everything and anything: agreeing to risky procedures, laying under the scalpel of a surgeon. The results of such interventions are not always successful and are sometimes even tragic.
The ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates once said, “Do not harm,” and before one decides to intervene with one’s own body, we must understand how safe the intervention is and whether it is really beneficial in the long run. Yofing brand cosmetics are produced using healing substances from the natural environment and exclude aggressive perfumes, preservatives, and artificial colorings, making them harmless.
We must answer the following question when choosing cosmetics: In what way do we want to achieve results? Quickly, but with negative consequences later on, or slowly, but with natural substances and proper care of our health?

What are cosmetics according to modern understanding?

In excavations of ancient civilizations, scientists often find cosmetics that were created from herbs, flowers, natural fats, and so on. Today, not everything about their benefits is known, but thanks to research done in laboratories, cosmetologists have learned to create recipes from the best that nature is able to give.
Cosmetics are products that are designed to improve the condition of skin, hide its flaws, and embellish the human image. Today, the industry of cosmetology offers all possible categories of cosmetics: for caring, healing, embellishing, rejuvenating, and restoring. All these options can be found in Yofing’s line of products.
Beneficial effects of natural cosmetics upon the health of a person: Proven in laboratory tests and in practice by people.

So, what are the qualities of natural cosmetics?

Hypoallergenic. They contain only nonreactive substances which, when penetrating the epidermis and even the dermis (the most sensitive part of the skin), do not cause allergic reactions. A series of products for problematic skin allows you to overcome a number of problems, restoring the health of the face and body.

Compatibility with human skin tissues. Natural components are fully in harmony with the organism on a cellular level, and they activate the process of producing the following: elastin, collagen, natural renewal of the epidermis, and so on.

Adaptivity. Cosmetics affect the skin accumulatively, accumulating in the tissues. This is the reason why cosmetologists and manufacturers recommend taking courses about caring for the skin in order to achieve expected results. It is better to accumulate natural substances in the cells as they are completely processed by metabolic processes, whereas the accumulation of silicone, parabens, and other synthetic components can adversely affect health. Every single substance in Yofing cosmetics is tested on different types of skin and is examined/studied on biological and chemical levels.

Natural and organic cosmetics – what’s the difference?

Users often confuse the meaning of “natural” and “organic” cosmetics. Let’s figure out how they differ from each other.
Natural cosmetics are substances composed of formulas, the molecules of which are fully taken from the natural environment. This means that, in the composition of the products, there are no artificial substances or synthetic components present. Organic cosmetics are not only entirely created from natural ingredients but also undergo a series of tests and are grown in specific conditions. Additionally, the vegetation used in the products must be non-GMO and grown in environmentally friendly places without pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
Today, manufacturers produce five different categories of harmless products:

  1. 100% Organic – ingredients are strictly from organic production (excluding water and salt).
  2. Organic – Composed of 95% natural ingredients.
  3. Made with organic – up to 70% organic components.
  4. Natural – 20-50% natural plant and animal raw substances.
  5. ECO – only certified raw substances without mineral components. All types of cosmetics must have proof of safe use in the form of quality certificates.

Natural components which are used by the brand Yofing

As we have mentioned earlier, cosmetics made by Yofing are created out of natural components which include the following:

  • Salt from the Dead Sea – 21 minerals and archaebacteria which have a regenerating, nourishing, firming, antibacterial, and soothing effect.
  • Essential oils, extracts, and water infusions of medicinal plants grown in Northern Galilee (Israel) and Spain. Additionally, we order rare plants from Indonesia and Madagascar.
  • Squalane – an invariable component of moisturizing products. It is a natural hydrocarbon that can retain moisture in the epidermis.

It affects the elasticity of the skin, creating a barrier to UV rays. We use squalane from vegetable origin. The production of Yofing cosmetics is based on innovative methods that allow natural remedies to affect the skin more effectively by penetrating deeper layers. For example, our chemists use liposomes, which are spherical microparticles that transport nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin. Ordinary cosmetics, in which essential oils and vitamins are added, simply do not have the strength to pass the basal layer of the epidermis. For the manufacture of essential oils, we use cold pressing technology, which allows us to maximally preserve the most useful properties of each plant.

The usage of natural cosmetics – harmless and beneficial.

That effect that Yofing cosmetics give can be compared to injections and plastic surgery. The reaction of the body to interventions such as biorevitalization and surgery using hardware methods is unpredictable, whereas natural cosmetics give the expected results without side effects. Therefore, why should we risk our health by using aggressive methods when we can stay young, healthy, and uphold our beauty with the help of natural and absolutely harmless cosmetics?

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