Dead Sea Salt – A Unique Gift from Mother Nature

For hundreds of years people have been utilising Dead Sea salt for its healing properties. It is believed that King Herod the Great and the majestic Cleopatra themselves used to resort to Dead Sea salt to sustain their health and good looks.
This salt is one of the most crucial components of Yofing products. The company uses the most advanced and innovative technologies to produce highly effective pharmaceuticals that will help you take care of your skin.

Why is the Dead Sea Considered Unique and Healing?

Contrary to its geographical name, the Dead Sea is actually just a huge lake with incredibly salty water. Its western coast is the territory of Jordan, while the eastern coast belongs to Israel.
Naturally, the concentration of salts and minerals in the Dead Sea water is much higher than in other bodies of water. In fact, the waters of the Dead Sea contain around 30-35% salt at any given time, while the average amount of salt in ocean water is only around 3.5%. This mega-salty lake is also considered the deepest lake on the planet. The still water level in the Dead Sea is estimated to be 430 meters lower than the mean sea level. What’s more, this number increases by about one meter every year.

The Chemical Structure of Dead Sea Salt

The amount of chemicals that are beneficial for our health contained in the Dead Sea’s water is astounding – the salt contains 21 different minerals. You won’t find such chemically rich water in any other lake. The non-organic water components do not contain oxygen, hydrogen, or carbon, so they do not interact with oxygen in the atmosphere and keep their healing properties for extended periods of time.
The core minerals in Dead Sea water are as follows:

  • Magnesium (30 – 40%) – has an anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, rejuvenating, and revitalizing effect
  • Potassium (22 – 29%) – improves the complexion, regulates the amount of liquid in the cells
  • Sodium (10 – 15%) – cleanses the body of dead cells, stimulates cell regeneration, cures various itches and minor inflammations
  • Magnesium bromide (0.2 – 0.4%) – relieves skin inflammations and infections
  • Iodine (0.2 to 0.9%) – kills some types of bacteria and helps to get rid of various skin defects
  • Sulfur (0.1 to 0.2%) – supports the oxygen balance in the skin, in addition to making it more elastic and narrowing the pores
  • Microelements like silicone, copper, and manganese, (0.2 to 1.0%) – improve the aesthetic appeal of the skin

Minerals are known to improve blood circulation, slow down the ageing processes, and help treat skin infections. It is a well-established fact that having a treatment course for psoriasis on the coast of the Dead Sea helps patients achieve the longest remissions, which often last for years.

The Archaebacteria of the Dead Sea: The Strongest Antioxidants

In the end of the previous century scientists found out that the Dead Sea actually does not deserve such a dark name. It is true that no sea animals or fish can live in the Dead Sea due to the extremely high salt concentration in the water, but the lake boasts a wide array of microorganisms instead. Just one milliliter of water from the Dead Sea is home to several million archaebacteria. If their concentration in the water becomes noticeably higher than usual, the water develops a slightly reddish hue. There are around 20 types of archaebacteria in the Dead Sea.
The archaebacteria were the first living cells to ever populate the Earth, and formed the diverse biological world as we know it today. The archaebacteria are an invaluable and plentiful source of biologically active substances. Their cells have an abundance of built-in information that tells them how to survive and preserve their species, and which can be transferred to our cells, too. This potent natural antioxidant can help human body cells deal with many of the possible interruptions to their normal function, and increases the rate at which cells proliferate. Thus, the archaebacteria work both on a chemical and ion a biological level, providing a powerful healing effect.

The Advantages of Dead Sea Salt and Its Usage in Cosmetology

Creams based on minerals of the Dead Sea are used to treat skin problems, as well as moisturize and soften the skin. The beneficial effects of Dead Sea salt can be fortified with some other specific components, such as fruit acids, vitamins, ions, and plant extracts. Unlike many popular skin care products, the Dead Sea salt creams are completely safe from a dermatological point of view. The advantages of applying the Dead Sea salt to your skin are as follows:

  • moisturizing and lifting effect
  • reduced swelling in the limbs
  • increased circulation of the body’s natural water contents
  • improvement of the microcirculation in smaller blood vessels
  • firmer blood vessel walls
  • powerful antibacterial effect
  • absorption of excess subcutaneous fat
  • healing effect for various wounds and infection
  • healthier-looking skin

Cosmetic products from Yofing help treat and prevent many dermatological illnesses, including psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, and dermatitis. Thanks to the Pso Calm Cream, Painot Cream, and Recovery Oil treatment complexes, patients can forget their discomfort and unpleasant symptoms arising from dermatological problems. The beneficial impact of the Dead Sea minerals is so impressive that even traditional medicine recognizes the efficiency of products based on Dead Sea salt in treating skin disorders.
If you want a high-quality product and good results, you’ll need to choose certified products that are guaranteed to perform well. Yofing is a company from Israel that belongs to a pool of reliable manufacturers and suppliers of Dead Sea salt-based pharmaceuticals. At Yofing, customers are given the first and foremost priority, so that the company is able to keep offering the best products developed by experienced dermatologists, cosmetologists, and healthcare experts.

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