Dead Sea Salt Bath with Organic Marigold

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Professional Dead Sea Salt – Organic Marigold Essential Oil – 100% Pure Dead Sea Salt Bath and Scrub – Useful for Psoriasis, Acne, Muscular Spasms, Inflammation Therapy, and Skin Restoration


  • These Dead Sea salts for bathing have strong restorative and regenerative The anti-aging effect of coarse Dead Sea salt is due to the hydrating powers of its minerals, which lift limp skin, giving it a healthy, youthful radiance. Tissues renew more quickly and are protected from inflammation, leading to improved skin tone.

  • Dead Sea salt for psoriasis is an excellent treatment, and the marigold essential oil is also a powerful remedy for inflammation treatment. The healing power of the organic marigold herb has been used to treat insect bites, surgical wounds, eye infections, and even menstrual Run a warm Dead Sea salt bath, already combined with healing marigold oil, for relief from the pain and discomfort of period pains.

  • Not only can you use this Dead Sea salt for bathing, but it's also useful as a hand and foot scrub after your favorite manicure or Dead Sea salt will improve skin turgor by hydrating and nourishing tired skin, while the antiseptic properties of organic marigold oil cleanse your pores and treat small cuts and bruises on your hands or rubs on your feet.

  • Dead Sea salt and marigold can be used to treat acne, The salts balance disturbed hormones and stimulate the healing processes, while marigold addresses both the infections causing acne and the resulting inflammation, leading to improved skin tone. This organic Dead Sea salt is also anti-aging, due to its renewing properties and the fact that marigold protects the skin from free radical damage.






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